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Enterprise Tonković, for fish farming and recreational hunting and fishing, is leasing the hunting grounds IV/153 „Ravno zapad“ in Karlovac county. „Ravno zapad“ was established as common hunting grounds in 2007., with total area of 1627 hectares. Territorially, they extend from the starting point – the highway junction at the town of Bosiljevo on Zagreb-Rijeka and Zagreb-Split highways. The border goes further along the highway route towards south to river Dobra, then upstream to the bridge between the towns of Trošmarija and Lugar. Then the borders winds up north to village of Tonkovići, then northeast over the Šimanokov hill and Pušin, through Ponikve towards the Zagreb -Rijeka highway where it finishes at the starting point – at the higway junction at Bosiljevo town.
The hunting grounds are located in the southeast are of the Gorski kotar region, northeast from Ogulin in Karlovac county. Hunting grounds are of the upland type as they are situated on the northeast slopes of Velika Kapela mountain. Neighbouring hunting grounds are Bukovača, in the southwest, Družac (and the Zagreb-Rijeka highway) to the north, Ravno (and Zagreb-Split highway) to the east and Međuvođe to the south. Elevations range from 220 to 288 meters, with many variations in relief. The highest point is Brezik, at 288 meters above sea level. When it comes to relief type, the area belongs to the shallow karst region with all its morphological characteristics that come in various shapes and forms.
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Living conditions are good for all types of small and large game pretty much all year around. Winter time can be partially problematic because of the deep snow. Population density is quite small - people are living on the outskirts of the hunting grounds, in the villages of Ponikve, Malik and Otok na Dobri. The density of roads is moderate and the villages are interconnected by macadam roads. Local roads, that connect larger towns (Duga Resa, Generalski stol Bosiljevo), pass along the edges of the hunting grounds and have significant impact on game management. There are about 40 km of public and forest roads in the hunting grounds which means about 8 kilometers of roads on 1000 hectares of land.
Our main game is brown bear, red deer, wild boar and roe deer. There are other species of game that only pass through our hunting grounds. As can be see on photographs, the comfy blinds are placed throughout the hunting grounds for comfortable hunting even during winter months. Hunting grounds is only 45 minute drive from Zagreb, and can be reached by highway or local roads. We also own a hotel - Calypso, with a restaurant, that is only half an hour drive from the hunting grounds.


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Hunting & Fishing

We present you our hunting grounds IV/153 „Ravno zapad“ and freshwater fishing on Rječica rivulet and Lešće lake in the area of Trošmarija settlement. Hunting grounds are situated just north of Ogulin, inbetween the regions of Gorski kotar, Lika and Kordun, and just a 45 minutes drive from Zagreb by highway.