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Hunters- Good hunting!

Interweaving of forest and water landscapes created great habitats for numerous game species.

Main game in hunting grounds „Ravno zapad“ is brown bear, wild boar and roe deer. When it comes to small game species the main ones are: euroasian woodcock, common quail and wild duck.
You are more than welcome to visit our hunting grounds – you will get a trophy and very much enjoy your stay!

Brown Bear

smedji medvjedThe European brown bear is a subspecies of brown bear that was once widespread in Eurasia and North America.Part of population lives in Croatian part of Dinaric massive and after Carpathians is second largest in Europe.In Western Europe the brown bear is almost extinct and the remeaning populations are small, separated and disappearing.

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Wild Boar

vepar00001Wild Boar (lat. Sus scrofa) is very common in Croatia. He lives in packs mostly around humid forests. Wild boar is hunt with chasing dogs, drive, stalking and waiting.

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Roe Deer

divljači00006Roe (ordinary roe deer, lat. Capreolus capreolus) is a wild animal that is geographically widespread in Central Europe.
In Croatia, roe is most widespread in the continental part (Slavonija, Baranja and Gorski Kotar), and is rare in coastal areas. Distribution by countries of the region ranges as follows: Croatia 29%, Slovenia 23%, Bosnia and Herzegovina 14% and Macedonia 19%.

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Red Deer

divljači00005Red deer (lat. Cervus elaphus)

Widespread in Europe, mostly in the forest complexes of major river streams – Dunav, Sava, Drava and mountain forests of Hungary, Romania, Czech, Slovak, Croatian, Slovenia, Germany, Austria, and in smaller numbers in Poland, Europian parto of Russia, Norway, Sweeden, Spain, France and Denmark.

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divljači00002Woodcock (Scolopax rusticola L.) is traditional game in Croatia. During the spring and autumn migration, woodcock remain for a short period of time in our hunting grounds. While in migration, they search for moist soil in hornbeam and oak forests, because of its characteristic diet.

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Wild Duck

divljači00001 Wild Duck (lat. Anas platyrhynchos). Duck hunting, most often the mall, (Duck Hunting, Caccia alle Anatra), is very popular, especially among Italian hunters. The ducks are hunted by waiting to fly over, before and after sunset, when leaving the water and fly in the inland looking for food, duck still love it will look for the dogs.

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Hunting seasons of major game species in Croatia

Main game Season by months I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X XI XII
Red Deer "stag" from 16. VIII. to 14. I.                        
Female from 1. X. to 14. I.                        
Calf from 1. X. to 31. I.                        
Wild Boar
Female from 1. VII. to 31. I.                        
Male, Gilt and Piglet all seasons (no closed season)                        
Roe Deer
Male from 1. V. to 30. IX.                        
Female and Calf from 1. X. to 31. I                        


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Photos "Ravno zapad"

Hunting & Fishing

We present you our hunting grounds IV/153 „Ravno zapad“ and freshwater fishing on Rječica rivulet and Lešće lake in the area of Trošmarija settlement. Hunting grounds are situated just north of Ogulin, inbetween the regions of Gorski kotar, Lika and Kordun, and just a 45 minutes drive from Zagreb by highway.