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Hunters- Good hunting!

Interweaving of forest and water landscapes created great habitats for numerous game species.

Main game in hunting grounds „Ravno zapad“ is brown bear, wild boar and roe deer. When it comes to small game species the main ones are: euroasian woodcock, common quail and wild duck.
You are more than welcome to visit our hunting grounds – you will get a trophy and very much enjoy your stay!

Hunting season in Croatia

Period lovidbe za jelena je od 16. kolovoza. do 14.siječnja, košuta se lovi od 1. listopada do 14. siječnja, a telad od 1. listopada do 31. siječnja.

Hunting season in Croatia

Jelenska divljač lovi se dočekom, šuljanjem, vabljenjem, privozom zaprežnim kolima. Za lov se koristi oružje sa užlijebljenim cijevima,najmanja dopuštena kinetička energija zrna na 100 m je 2500 džula, najmanje dopuštena težina zrna je 8,20 grama, pucanje na maksimalno 150 metara.

Red deer (lat. Cervus elaphus)
Widespread in Europe, mostly in the forest complexes of major river streams – Dunav, Sava, Drava and mountain forests of Hungary, Romania, Czech, Slovak, Croatian, Slovenia, Germany, Austria, and in smaller numbers in Poland, Europian parto of Russia, Norway, Sweeden, Spain, France and Denmark.
They are very numerous in area of Croatia, Slavonia and Gorski kotar, on Balkan in Vojvodina and Slovenia near flooded plain of three great rivers to the border forests in Slovenian Alps.

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Photos "Ravno zapad"

Hunting & Fishing

We present you our hunting grounds IV/153 „Ravno zapad“ and freshwater fishing on Rječica rivulet and Lešće lake in the area of Trošmarija settlement. Hunting grounds are situated just north of Ogulin, inbetween the regions of Gorski kotar, Lika and Kordun, and just a 45 minutes drive from Zagreb by highway.